A bigger project than you imagine.

Akumal Monkey Sanctuary & Rescued Animals.

We are a space created with the purpose of housing some species of wildlife or fauna in the process of domestication, regardless of their origin, that is, without making distinction in native or introduced species. Generally, they are specimens that have been mainly affected by human actions or natural phenomena that negatively influence the environment, preventing in most cases the reintroduction to their natural environment and consequently, remaining for life under human care.

Currently, more than 200 specimens from 55 different species have been rescued.


The purpose of the Sanctuary is defined by its vision and mission, which seeks to create our own identity through 5 pillars that support the structure of the project.

We collaborate with PROFEPA

We colaborate with PROFEPA

To be able to develop the project, we work together with government agencies, researchers, universities and institutions focused on biodiversity conservation. In the legal verge, we collaborate hand in hand with the Federal Office of Environmental Protection (PROFEPA).  PROFEPA has played a very important role, since many of the specimens that are currently in the sanctuary have been rescued by them and made available to us as a shelter. 

The Sanctuary cannot accept donations of animals from private individuals without first consulting PROFEPA, who makes the decision if it remains under our care. 

Environmental Education

As part of the activities carried out under the margin of environmental education, educational tours are given by our trained guides. The guides are responsible for transmitting the history of the specimens we house, explaining the place of origin, the reason why they are in our place, which we do to keep them in good condition and the biology of the species. Visitors have the opportunity to be face to face with the specimens in the educational bonding program, they are allowed to know and link more naturally without the need for forced approach. In this way, we can promote awareness of both native and exotic wildlife care and prevent the acquisition of such species as pets.

The educational linkage program that is carried out in the Sanctuary is approved by the corresponding agencies

Environmental education

Fair trade

The Sanctuary not only focuses on the benefit of the specimens we house; In our fair trade pillar, we provide support to local communities by marketing their hand made products, in order to develop them economically, promoting fair trade.

Research center

We have agreements with different universities in the country, which promote practitioners to stay in the Sanctuary and collaborate with research projects for the benefit of biodiversity conservation.

Animal Welfare

To keep the specimens in adequate physical and mental states, an environmental enrichment program is carried out through the use of various techniques. The program consists of making modifications to theenvironment to which the specimens are normally accustomed and can be divided into 6 categories:


We integrate and socialize new groups of juvenile spider monkeys, which for various reasons have come to the Sanctuary being under our care. These individuals, being so young, must be given the necessary conditions for their adequate animal welfare. In free life, mothers are responsible for social, food, motor and protection education, however, being victims offactors such as illegal trafficking of species, they aredeprived of all the attention and teachings they may have learned in freedom.
Save Spider Monkey
Reintroduction Program

Rehabilitation, relocation and reintroduction programs

Recently, we performed the rehabilitation of a hit spider monkey that had multiple injuries. After an arduous rehabilitation, we are pleased to mention that it is the first spider monkey in the region that is rehabilitated and reintroduced to wildlife. We want to develop a program of reintroduction of local species in the medium and long term, focused mainly on the spider monkey. It has worked in collaboration with specialized primatologists in the species and behavioral observation projects.

Our mission is to be a connection space in which environmental education, integral well-being and love for animals can positively impact humanity.

Come, join us and actively support this project. We are waiting for you!

Diarios de un Santuario will show through weekly chapters the life of specimens living in Akumal Monkey Sanctuary & Rescued Animals and the work done by the team to take care Animal Welfare.